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Out-of-cycle Individual Examinations:
Arrangements are now in place for PDA Testers to sit the HSDPT examination individually in a Regus Serviced Offices location of their choice (visit for locations worldwide), and at a date and time of their choice. Please contact Melanie McKie if you would like more information. 

Upcoming HSDPT Examinations:

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PDA Modular Training Program:
The self-paced PDA Modular Training Program, which assists PDA Testers develop their knowledge and understanding of Dynamic Pile Testing and prepare for the HSDPT Exam, is being sold around the world - please click here to visit the Foundation QC website for further information or to purchase a licence.

Welcome to HSDPT Register

Examination and Certificate in PDA Testing
High-strain Dynamic Pile Testing is a highly specialized area of foundation pile verification. The technology is now commonly in use and codified in many countries around the world. However, because the technique is so specialized, clients in general have no way of independently assessing the skills or critically evaluating the reported results of practitioners providing dynamic pile testing services. As it is unlikely that clients will meet the challenge of obtaining these evaluation skills, the alternative is to provide them with a standard measure of the skills of dynamic pile testing providers.

The need for quality assurance of dynamic pile testing providers
Dynamic pile testing is a field of engineering demanding high skill levels in both instrumentation, analysis and engineering judgment. Like most technology, in the right hands it can either be a powerful tool with great benefits to the construction process, or in the wrong hands, a tool which is ineffectual, misleading or even wrong.

Because dynamic testing is specialized, many project owners and their engineer representatives are unlikely to have the skills to critically or independently evaluate the quality of the testing or the consequent advice. This places additional responsibility on the testing provider. As dynamic pile testing is used as a Quality Assurance technique for foundations, it is fundamental that persons providing such services are themselves the subject of a Quality Assurance process.

Benefits for testers of taking the examination will be :

  • Verification for providers and clients alike that testing personnel have appropriate minimum skill levels
  • Feedback to testers on areas where skills can be improved
  • Feedback to employers of testers on areas which need attention to minimize risk exposure
  • A marketing tool to convince new clients of capability
  • An edge in competitive bid proposals
  • Ability to provide services to clients who require quality services as demonstrated by satisfactory completion of the examination
  • Contact details will be available on the Web