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Certification Levels

The HSDPT Certification system is a two- tiered system with 6 levels. The first tier is designated “PDA Tester” and is awarded either at Provisional, Basic or Intermediate level, on the basis of the examinee's performance in Part A of the examination alone. Part A tests skills in data acquisition and on-site testing. The second tier is designated “PDA Signatory” and is awarded either at Advanced, Master or Expert level on the basis of the examinee's separate performance in Parts A and B. Part B tests skills in data interpretation and engineering knowledge. The qualifying scores are as follows:

PDA Tester

  • Provisional : minimum 45% pass on Part A
  • Basic : minimum 50% pass on Part A
  • Intermediate: minimum 75% pass on Part A

PDA Signatory

  • Advanced : minimum 75% pass on Part A, and minimum 70% pass on Part B,
    OR combined percentages score of 150+
  • Master : minimum 85% pass on Part A, and minimum 80% pass on Part B,
    OR combined percentages score of 170+
  • Expert : minimum 93% pass on both Parts A and B

Period of Validity

The validity period of certification differs according to the level achieved, as follows:

Provisional - 1 year
Basic - 3 years
Intermediate - 5 years
Advanced - 7 years
Master - 10 years
Expert - lifetime

In all cases a renewal fee of 50.00 Euro per annum is charged to maintain current certification status.

At the end of the validity period, the tester will need to re-take the exam in order to maintain their certification.


Certification levels achieved by testers will be disclosed on the web site, unless you specifically request that your name not be published.


Testers will be sent an annual renewal request.  Persons qualifying at Expert Level will be exempt from any further requirement for Examination, as they will hold life-long Certification. All other persons will be required to submit themselves for re- examination in accordance with these revised guidelines.

Upgrading Certification Level

Testers may retake the examination before the certification expiry date in order to improve their certification level. Should analysis of the examination indicate a fail grade, the participant is eligible to re-sit the examination. In all cases an interval of no less than 3 months is required between examination attempts.


Examination and Certification Fee :
Scheduled examinations held in conjunction with workshops: 250 Euro per person (or US $300 for events in the US).  A discount applies to government employees.  Examination Fees can be paid in advance at the Foundation QC web site

Individual exam proctored at Regus Serviced offices: 375 Euro per person, plus Regus charges. Please contact Melanie McKie for more information on this method of examination.

Renewal Fees

The Renewal Fee is 50 Euro per person per annum.  Renewal Fees can be paid on receipt of renewal advice at the Foundation QC web site

Continuing Professional Development

Testers are strongly advised to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) in dynamic pile testing .  A minimum of 16 equivalent hours of qualifying professional training in the previous 24 months is suggested but not mandatory.

Note 1. Promotional events or promotional sections of any event will not be deemed to provide qualifying hours.
Note 2. Educational workshops and seminars which relate to technical aspects of high strain dynamic pile testing and analysis will be deemed as qualifying hours.
Note 3. All events will qualify only if the event is a registered event for the purposes of this continuing professional training scheme.
Note 4. All future registered training events for all training providers will be posted on the HSDPTregister web site.
Note 5. Testers undertaking Foundation QC's self-paced modular training program can determine equivalent hours based on the times allocated in the training matrix on the Foundation QC site.